E-Mail Directory

E-Mail Directory
Sl. No Name Officer/Office EmailAddress
1 District Hospital (Alopathy) Nilambur mothqhnilambur@gmail.com
2 Assistant Project Officer, Regional A.H Centre Nilambur nilamburraic@gmail.com
3 District Hospital (Alopathy) Perinthalmanna thqhperinthalmanna@gmail.com
4 Akshaya, District Project Office Malappuram akshayadpompm@gmail.com
5 Malabar Special Police , Malappuram cmdtmsp.pol.@kerala.gov.in
6 District Transport Officer, KSRTC, Malappuram keralartcmlp@gmail.com
7 Executive Engineer, Harbour Enginering Division, Ponnani eehed@gmail.com
8 Executive Engineer, Chamravattam Project Division, Ponnani eecpesw@gmail.com
9 Secretary, Ponnani Municipality ponnanisecy@gmail.com
10 Secretary, Tirur Municipality secretarytirmun@gmail.com
11 Secretary, Kottakkal Municipality secretarykottakkal@gmail. com
12 Secretary, Malappuram Municipality mlpm_munci@yahoo.co.in
13 Secretary, Manjeri Municipality musecmanjeri@gmail.com
14 Secretary, Perintalmanna Municipality Perinthalmannamunicipality@ yahoo.co.in
15 Secretary, Nilambur Municipality mpmnilamburgp@gmail.com
16 Executive Engneer,Kerala Water Authiority,Edappal eekwaedappal@gmail.com
17 Executive Engneer,Kerala Water Authiority, Malappuram eekwa@bsnl.in, eekwa@gmail.com
18 Executive Engneer, Irrigation Division. eeirrigmpm@yahoo.com
19 Executive Engneer, Minor Irrigation Division eemimpm@gmail.com
20 Executive Engneer (N H) Division. eenhmalappuram@gmail.com
21 Executive Engneer, PWD Roads Manjeri eerbmpm.pwd@kerala.gov.in
22 Executive Engneer, PWD Buildings pwdexecutiveengineer@gmail.com
23 Regional Transport Officer Kl10@keralamvd.in
24 Project Officer, PAU drdampm@gmail.com
25 Zila Sainik Welfare Officer zswompm@gmail.com
26 Assistant Forest Conservater (Social Forestry), Malappuram acf.sf-mprm.for@ kerala.gov.in
27 Pain & Palliative Cancer Care Centre (CHETHANA) Wandoor hospitalchethana@gmail.com
28 Divisional Forest Officer (South) Nilambur dfo-nlbrs.for@kerala. gov.in
29 Divisional Forest Officer (North) Nilambur dfo-nlbrn.for@kerala. gov.in
30 Deputy Chief Engineer KSEB , Tirur kseb2828@dataone.in
31 Deputy Commissioner, Excise dcemlpm@yahoo.in, decmlpm@excise.kerala.gov. in
32 Deputy Commissioner Commercial Taxes dcmlp@keralataxes.gov.in
33 Deputy Director, Local Fund Audit lfadmpm@gmail.com
34 Deputy Director of Economics and Statistics ecostatmlp@gmail.com
35 Deputy Director of Fisheries ,Ponnani ddfisheriespni@gmail.com
36 Deputy Director of Panchayat ddpmlpm@gmail.com
37 District Officer , Ground Water Department gispraveen@gmail.com
38 District Treasury Officer dtomalappuram36@gmail. com
39 District Town Planning Officer tcpdmpm@gmail.com
40 District Supply Officer dsompm@gmail.com
41 District Stationary Officer dsomlp@stationery.kerala.gov.in
42 District Registrar (General) regmlp@kerala.nic.in
43 District Lottary Officer dlo10mpm@gmail.com
44 District Employment Officer demploymentofficermpm@gmail. com
45 District Labour Officer, Malappuram dlompm@gmail.com
46 District Information Officer diomlpm@gmail.com
47 District Planning Officer, Malappuram dpompm@gmail.com
48 The Assistant Development Commissioner (G) Malappuram adcmalappuram@yahoo.co.in
49 Joint Registrar of co-op societies (General) jrgmlpm@yahoo.co.in
50 The Dist. Police Chief , Malappuram dpompm@keralapolice.gov.in
51 Tahsildar, Ponnani tlkpni.ker@nic.in
52 Tahsildar, Tirur tlktir.ker@nic.in
53 Tahsildar, Tirurangadi tlktdi.ker@nic.in
54 Tahsildar, Ernad ernadtaluk@gmail.com
55 Tahsildar, Perintalmanna tlkptm.ker@nic.in
56 Tahsildar, Nilambur tlknbr.ker@nic.in
57 Reveue Divisional Officer, Tirur rdotirmlp.ker@nic.in
58 Sub Collector, Peritalmanna ptmrdo@yahoo.co.in
59 District Collector Malappuram dcmpm2007@yahoo.co.in
60 Kidney Patients Welfare Society Malappuram kpwsmalappuram@gmail.com
61 MIED Malappuram miedmalappuram@gmail.com
62 District Poultry Farm Athavanad districtpoultryfarm@gmail.com
63 ITDP Nilambur nlbitdp@gmail.com
64 Coconut Nursary Parappanangdi cnparappanangadi@gmail.com
65 Deputy Director of Agriculture (WP) paomalappuram@gmail.com
66 State Seed Farm Chokkad ssfchokkad@gmail.com
67 TGMT Centre, Kadannamanna Mankada(Poly Technic Perinthalmanna) polypmna@gmail.com
68 Kudumbashree Malappuram spemmlp@gmail.com
69 Director of Agriculture (YP) Malappuram paomalappuram@gmail.com
70 Office of the Deputy Director of Education Malappuram ddemalappuram@gmail.com
71 State Seed Farm Tavanur ssftvn@gmail.com
72 District Social Justice Office Malappuram dsjompm@gmail.com
73 District Industries Office Malappuram dicmlp@yahoo.in
74 Deputy Director Animal Husbandry Malappuram dahompm@kerala.nic.in, dahompm.ker@mail.nic.in
75 District Soil Conservation Office Malappuram dscomanjeri_1@soilcons.kerala.gov.in
76 Deputy Director of Dairy, Malappuram dddairympm@gmail.com
77 State Seed Farm Anakkayam ssfakm@gmail.com
78 State Seed Farm Chungathara dafchungathara@gmail.com
79 Principal agriculture office malappuram paomalappuram@gmail.com
80 ICDS Office Malappuram icdsurbanmlp@bsnl.in
81 District Hospital (Ayurveda) Valavannur dahvalavannur@gmail.com
82 District Hospital (Alopathy) Tirur gthqhtirur@gmail.com
83 District Homeo Hospital Malappuram ghhmalappuram@gmail.com
84 District Development Officer for SC ddompm@gmail.com
85 DMO (ISM) Malappuam dmoismmpm@gmail.com
86 DMO (Homeo) Malappuram dmohomoempm@yahoo.in
87 DMO (Health) Malappuram dmomalappuram@gmail.com
88 Executive Engineer, LSGD Malappuram eelsgdmpm@gmail.com
89 Malappuram District Panchayath dpmlppm@gmail.com